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C-ring – White basic

We are launching the basic white c-ring so that will become your ideal accessory for daily use. A ring for your masculine parts that will mean a before and after in your self-esteem thanks to the push-up effect that you will be able to see from the moment you put it on. Perfect for continuous use, since it is elastic and has several positions to adapt it to your comfort.

A sublime c-ring to wear under a swimsuit or your briefs, as it will generate the bulge that you have always dreamed of.

In pure white… as sexy as you can imagine.

C-ring – Red basic

The red color is the favorite of many of us… and we could not miss the matching c-ring with your red thong for the best occasions. Pure passion in an elastic hoop and adaptable to your maximum comfort thanks to its flexibility and the two positions in which you can put it.

You’ll want to wear it all day long thanks to the huge push-up effect it creates on your bulge. You will see your briefs and swimsuits fuller than ever… and with something as simple as our c-ring!

Do not let it escape and try this new experience that will change the way you see yourself.

C-ring – Pride pony

Highlight your package in the most comfortable way that exists. An elastic band, with two positions to adjust it to your size. It will serve as a push-up to fill out your swimsuit and your underpants much more.

Matching with your PsittacusWear designs!

In this case, the My little pony c-ring will amaze everyone, being super flashy and cheeky. Just how we love to be!

C-ring – Imagination

The perfect accessory to have a nice pouch and fill out swim trunks and briefs: our c-rings are a lycra-covered elastic band with your favorite Psittacuswear prints.

They are one size fits all, and have two positions so that you fasten them to your maximum comfort.

You’ll love seeing how they make your bulge so big with pants, and they’re perfect for continued wear as they fit true to size!

Matching the designs you want… what more could you ask for?

C-ring – Dragon ball

Are you such a fan of Dragon Ball that you need to take your favorite anime even in the most intimate?

You are in luck because we launched the c-ring to match your exclusive Psittacuswear Dragon Ball swimsuit.

A perfect accessory to increase your bulge in the best way. An elastic band covered in lycra of the highest quality that will give you a push-up for the whole day and be able to fill your swimsuits and briefs as you have always wanted.

C-ring – Magic school

Cheer up with the ideal accessory for your Harry Potter swimsuit or briefs: the matching cockring!

A 25cm elastic band covered in soft lycra that will accompany you on your adventures and will enhance your pouch as you have always wanted.

It is one size fits all, but there are two positions for you to fasten it as it is most comfortable.

Perfect for continued use, being elastic easy to put on and take off.

Don’t stay without living the experience of marking the bulge to the fullest in the pool with your PsittacusWear c-ring!

C-ring – Sweet love

The cockring you’ve always wanted: a beautiful 25cm elastic band that’s super soft for continued use.

It is one size fits all, and has two positions to fasten it to your size and comfort.

Matching your PsittacsusWear swimsuits and briefs and perfect to enhance your pouch and show off your bulge.

Sweet love is the design on a white background and full of hearts that will surely make you fall in love…

A fantasy that you cannot miss!

C-ring – Loving bears

Join the Care Bears party with the new must-have piece in their collection: the c-ring to match your favorite PsittacusWear swim trunks and briefs.

A 25cm elastic band covered in soft lycra that is one size fits all but allows you to fasten it in various positions to make it super comfortable.

Perfect for continuous use and with an effect that will make you happy: enhance your pouch as you have always wanted.

You will finally fill your swimsuit and underpants to the brim!

C-ring – Ocean

Huge success is what you will cause when you walk around with your PsittacusWear swimsuit or briefs and the matching c-ring.

A 25cm elastic band covered in lycra of the design you want to match all the PsittacusWear prints and that will enhance your pouch to the fullest.

One size, but with two positions so you can fasten it at your convenience.

Perfect for continuous use: under the swimsuit or the briefs and to fill the pants well.

You will tell us how the effect is!

C-ring – Marry me avocado

The design of the season now has its matching c-ring available. The funniest and most affectionate avocados await you in a swimsuit and the perfect matching c-ring to show off your attributes in a much sexier way and without the need for the uncomfortable and difficult-to-dry padding that others offer you.

Our c-ring is made of lycra and elastic, giving you maximum comfort and ease for continued use throughout the day.

The most natural push-up you can find!

Cockring – Color ranger

Our c-rings are the perfect complement to make your bulge something fantastic… tremendously bulky.

Made of rubber band and lycra with the print to match your favorite PsittacusWear swimsuit, you’ll enjoy maximum comfort even when worn all day.

Forget about uncomfortable fillings that come out from the sides, our c-ring will give you the effect you want so much.

One size and adaptable in three positions.

Cockring – Little Italy

The ideal complement to have the best push-up for your masculine attributes. Our swimsuits and briefs are prepared for large front parts, and with our c-ring you will achieve the desired effect: to have an amazing bulge.

Comfortable, elastic and perfect to use them for long periods of time.

Three different positions to adapt to your body.

Enjoy them combining it with all the designs that PsittacusWear offers you!

With LITTLE ITALY you will take the beautiful Italy with you intimately